First review!

For my first installment, I thought I’d throw out an old review from last year. At the time, I had yet to try this particular Spanish beer, but was familiar with the brewery from my days on Camino (more on that later). The result was quite interesting, and this is a special edition which usually means a great deal of craft and care went into its creation. Here’s what I thought:

Ferran Adria’s Inedit: This Spanish beer, produced by Estrella Damm, a mixture of barley and wheat malts, is a special release that was made in conjunction with chefs Ferran Adria, Juli Soler, and the sommelier team from the famous Catalonian restaurant of El Bulli. Flavored with orange rind, coriander and licorice, this beer was created specifically for food pairing.  The flavor, in my humble opinion, is very Belgian! That is to say, the Belgians are masters at creating fruit and spice beer, wheat beer, and beers that are served as a wine is – that is to say in large bottles with a great deal of care and artistry, and which are complex, fruity and designed to compliment specific foods.

In any case, the flavor is light but complex, not overpowering but at the same time lingering, which is common in wheat beers. It would be most appealing I think to those familiar with Hefeweizen since they would  already be familiar with the rather unique flavor and spicey/fruity layers that are common to them. Not recommend for people new to beer or who are not familiar with wheats. One does get the impression that a lot of thought and work went into its creation, but the results do not really blow you away. And given the fact that its somewhat pricey, one would hope that this would be the case.

Overall, I give it a 3.5 out of 5

To learn more about this beer and where it can be found, click on the following links:

BC Liqour Stores

Estrella Damm Inedit, homepage

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