My second review, which was originally posted back in November of 2010. For this particular one, I chose a relatively obscure number that can be found at Liqour Plus, but which no one in that particular store had tried just yet. It’s called Joseph, a spelt-based Belgian beer. Much like La Messagere, made right here in Canada, it’s a gluten-free beer made from a grain that is neither wheat nor barley. Hey, what can I say? It’s a new age and with gluten becoming non-grata, it’s only natural that beer would be following the path of bread, pasta, cookies, and all other traditionally gluten-based products. By I digress, the beer…

My first impression was how it was similar to la Fin du Monde. Much like this famous Belgian-style beer (fyi, also Canadian), it comes in a corked bottle and is bottle fermented. However, unlike its compatriots and Belgian-style counterparts, this beer weights in at a light 5 % alcohol per volume. The spelt also provides some relatively unique flavors, experienced both initially and with the aftertaste. The best way to describe it is semi-sweet with a dry finish. In total, I give it a 4 out of 5.

Joseph can be found at Liqour Plus stores that make a point of carrying it. I have yet to find it at the BCL or any other private store, to my knowledge. I will be looking though!

For more info on gluten-free beers, here’s a list (Joseph not included):

Gluten-free diet goods

Sidenote: be careful when opening this bottle, especially after some serious cold chilling! An impromptu attempt by my wife at removing the metal tie led to an explosive reaction, literally! Ever seen a cork riqouchet off the ceiling and land in the cat’s dish? Wouldn’t recommend it!

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