Captivator Doppelbock

Someday soon, I must do a full and complete review of the Tree Brewing Company. When I first moved here, and was looking for a good BC microbrew, it was one of their beers that first greeted my pallet. Specifically, it was the Hop Head IPA, but I’ll cover that one later. Right now, I want to talk about their latest limited release:

Captivator Doppelbock:
It’s no secret that Doppelbocks are amongst my favorites, and for obvious reasons. For one, they belong to the category of bock, which is renowned for being the best. Second, they are double-fermented, which means they’re sure to possess strength and substance! Since I’m covering just the one beer today, I thought I’d do something different and give this beer a four-point review:

Appearance: deep reddish-brown, transparent with light foam
slight smell of caramelized sugar
toffee, raisins, smooth and tawny, strong touch of sweetness
dark and slightly smokey, lingering malts, dry hops

Basically, this beer possesses the rich, malty taste doppelbocks are known for, and combines it with a smooth profile, dry hop bite and a sweet, smokey finish. And of course, the strength (8% alc/vol) is nothing if not respectable. A very pleasant addition to their lineup, and a repeat experience for sure! 9/10

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