Moon Under Water IRA

Last evening, I picked up Moon Under Water’s first specialty brew. The attendant in the store even congratulated for my good taste when he saw that it was part of my latest haul. Named IRA (not to be confused with the radical separatist movement of Northern Ireland), it’s an India Red Ale, a dark, tasty, and multilayered number that combines the traditions of red ales and IPA’s.

In addition to being their first seasonal, this beer is Moon Under Water’s strongest and hoppiest beer to date, and probably their most complex. And since I’m reviewing this beer on it’s own, I think I’ll do the four point breakdown yet again. And I’m sure it deserves the attention. Here goes:

Appearance: Deep reddish-brown, clear and transparent
Rich floral aroma, roasted malts
Deep, toasty malts, bitter hops, touches of citrus
Slightly coarse malt finish, bitter lingering hop kick, notes of grapefruit
Overall: 9/10

Yes, the good folk at my favorite liquor store picked a winner once again. Well, I picked it, but they told me it was good, and they were right. Seems the good folk at Moon Under Water have hit their first seasonal out of the park. Keep up the good work, and looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the Fall (hint: Pumpkin Ales are always a good choice!)

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