Hop Head Double IPA

I’ve found myself avoiding this beer in recent years. At least that’s the only rationale I could come up with for not having tried it. Maybe its because I’m a bit fan of IPA’s and this one’s a double. Too obvious! But as a fan of Tree brewing, particularly their Hop Head IPA, I knew that sooner or later I’d succumb. And as it turns out, that time was last night.

Hop Head Double IPA is a double-fermented IPA, combining five hop varieties with stronger alcohol content (8.4% alc/vol). In short, this beer is no slouch, and definitely not for those uninitiated with stronger, hoppy ales. The taste is definitely both strong and an acquired one, so make sure your taste buds have been primed with plenty of IPA’s in advance!

Appearance: Deep amber-orange, slightly cloudy
Strong floral aroma, sweet and malty
Taste: Heavy, coarse malts, strong hop bite characterized by floral notes, giving way to serious bitterness
Strong, heavy malts and intensely bitter hops linger long after
Overall: 7.5/10

Well, with the Captivator Doppelbock and now this, I am now half-way through Tree’s “Occasional Rarities” lineup and pretty pleased with what I’ve found. Next up, their Black IPA and Serendipity Ale. Wish me luck because these beers aren’t exactly light or forgiving!

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