Driftwood Singularity Stout

Finally, I got around to picking up this Driftwood seasonal. These days, I’m not that big a fan of stouts, but that’s mainly because of the proliferation of them, most of which tend towards the higher gravity and bitter tasting. But alas, if I’m going to be picky (as opposed to snobby) I’m going to miss out on things!

What’s more, I realized after doing a review of the Driftwood Brewery that there an exorbitant amount of seasonals and special releases which I have yet to review. This seemed like the perfect place to start.

For starters, this beer is “Imperial”, which in the case of stout implies that it is a variety of strong stout that was made especially for export from London to the Russian royal court during the 18th century. At 11.8% alc/vol, this beer certainly fits into the strong category! Add to that the fact that they aged it in Bourbon barrels and you’ve got yourself a pretty interesting combination.

As for the rest, well, I’ve broken that down into the usual tasting format:

Appearance: Blacker than the inside of a cow, as advertised!
Nose: Toasty malts, oats, molasses and a distinctive touch of whiskey sourness
Taste: Slight sweetness, quite smokey, tangy bite of whiskey malts
Aftertaste: Quite bitter and lingers for a long, long time
Overall: 7.5/10

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