Flying Tanker White IPA

A weizenbier, India Pale Ale combination… I’ll be honest, I had my doubts. Though I’ve recently become quite fond of how Vancouver Island Brewery and its colleagues have been using their seasonal lineups to experiment, I really thought they were off their rocker with this one. And yet, the final product was actually quite tasty, not to mention consistent from a paired-characteristics point of view.

For example, wheat beers are typically brewed with citrus and spices in order to achieve a more complex palette. At the same time, IPA’s boast a rich hop flavor which is usually described as citrusy and fruity. So really, merging the two is not that big a stretch. In the end, what you get is something that combines the rich malts of a wheat with the natural citrus-flavored bite of an IPA.

Appearance: Deep golden amber, cloudy and translucent
Nose: Sweet, malty aroma typical of a wheat, slight floral touch of hops
Taste: Smooth wheat profile, giving way to strong citrus bite reminiscent of fresh grapefruit
Aftertaste: Bitter and lingering, the taste of grapefruits staying on the tongue for some time to come.
Total: 8/10

3 thoughts on “Flying Tanker White IPA

  1. Thanks for the great review! We had our doubts when the idea first came up too, but when we tasted the pilot brew of this beer, we knew this would be great for summer!

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