Phillips Ginger Beer

Hello beer lovers! My apologies for being away for so long, but sickness had forced upon me the need to abstain from the delicious world of brewing. But now that I’m healthy again, I have a long list of samples which I intend to get into. It’s the summer season, and seasonals are good!

To begin, I finally got around to trying one of Phillip’s latest creations, their Ginger Beer. And I have to say, it was quite different! Having drunk a lot of real ginger beer back in my home town, where it came standard at the local Caribbean restaurant, I was immediately intrigued, bothered and the slightest bit curious. I mean, there’s ginger beer and there’s ginger BEER. Typically one does not go with the other.

And yet, the flavor is just interesting enough to be appealing. A testament to Phillip’s experimental nature, this beer deserves points for delivering on its promise, which is finding a way to balance the zest of ginger with a pale ale. In any case, here are its particulars and what I thought of it overall.

Appearance: The color is most appealing, a deep golden orange that really draws attention
Nose: A distinct ginger zing, apparent right away and overpowering to the senses
Taste: Smooth malts and a quick, crisp taste of hops in the initial taste, quickly giving way to ginger zest
Aftertaste: A long and lingering ginger flavor, spicey, with the slightest bit of hop bitterness to accent it.
Overall: 7.5/10

Not the most appealing in terms of taste, but definitely unique and interesting. It also well paired with spicy fair, particularly Jamaican and Caribbean foods. Also good on its own as a rare tasting experience. I strongly recommend fans of pale ale and ginger beer give this one a try. Opinions are sure to vary.

2 thoughts on “Phillips Ginger Beer

  1. Great post and anything by Phillips is usually pretty good. Ginger beers make for great marinade too. Over the weekend we did steaks on the bbq marinated in Big Rock Ginger Rye Ale and they were fantastic. We also did GIB Maple cream ale roast.

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