Spinnakers Hefeweizen

Just in time for summer, Spinnakers has been bit by the witbier bug! And I for one am pretty happy about it. For one, I am a big fan of wheat beer so I generally approve when anyone chooses to release one. Second, Spinnakers is not only one of my favorite brewpubs, it is also located right here in my hometown of Victoria BC. So getting my hands on their beer is never that hard.

So naturally, I approached the arrival of this bottle at my local beer store with some excitement. And in spite of the fact that I;m still battling a cold, I chose to open it up and sample her! First impressions, she’s definitely a wheat beer and definitely in keeping with the best traditions of white ales. But here’s a more detailed breakdown:

Appearance: Cloudy golden orange, typical of a quality hefeweizen
Nose: Immediate traces of cloves, sweet wheat malts, traces of honey
Taste: Gentle malts giving way to clove spice, complex and bitter, but otherwise mild
Aftertaste: A lingering bitterness characterized by citrus rind
Overall: 8/10

Just about everything about this beer is consistent with a good witbier, and that goes for color, aroma and flavor. All that being said, it was a little light for my taste. I generally prefer my wheats to have a bit more of a kick, which usually takes the form of stronger malt that tastes of banana and more potent citrus notes. However, this beer is genuinely refreshing and quite authentic. What’s more, I plan to enjoy several of these before the summer is out. Either on my deck or at the pub itself. Cheers!

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