Brewdog Trashy Blonde Ale

Hi again! Well I’m back with another new beer, this time from Brew Dog breweries, the famous craft brewer that comes to us from Fraserburgh, Scotland. Already I have tried their 5 A.M. Saint and felt it was one of the best Amber’s I have ever had. And as you can see, they have quite a lineup.

Unfortunately, we are somewhat limited in terms of what we can get here in BC. Aside from 5 AM and Trashy Blonde, I have yet to find another variety by them. Too bad too, because I’m sure I would enjoy it. But onto what the Trashy Blonde has to offer:

Appearance: Golden, pale and transparent, rather light for a pale ale
Nose: Coarse malts, reminiscent of a strong Belgian blonde
Taste: Distinct, Belgian-style malt, similar to Duval, giving way to a good, citrusy hop bite
Aftertaste: A long lingering bitter taste combined with a bitter malt finish
Overall: 8.5/10

Personally, I’ve never been too big of a fan of the type of coarse blonde ales Belgium has been known to produce. And yet, I found I enjoyed this one quite thoroughly. I’ll also have to be sure to pick up some more 5 AM because that baby deserves a stellar review too. Well, finding it won’t be hard since I now know of two places that it likes to hang out. Something to do this week I guess!

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