Tree Madcap Wheat Ale

God, I love summer! The warm weather, the sunshine, the barbeques and beers on the patio. And beers specifically made for summer are a total delight, aren’t they? Nothing goes better with hot weather than a nice, cold, refreshing lager, summer ale or wheat beer. Hence my brewers like to release these as seasonals whenever the summer rolls around There’s just something about a golden-hued or cloudy orange beer that goes well with warm winds, hot sun and the smell of grilled meat and everything that’s in bloom.

And hence why I picked up Tree Brewing’s new white ale, which arrived a few weeks back in my community, just in time for summer. Unlike their hefewiezen from a few years back, this one is a distinctly Belgian style wit – unfiltered, unpasteurized, and made with what I can only assume is a Belgian strain of yeast. The taste certainly alludes to as much, and is consistent with some of the best wits I’ve had in recent years.

But of course, here are the specifics:

Appearance: A mix of straw gold and light orange, cloudy and translucent
Nose: Traces of cloves, wheat maltiness, a slight touch of pineapple
Taste: Definite presence of cloves, followed by a slight kick of citrus rind
Aftertaste: Clove spiciness giving way to a lingering bitterness
Overall: 9/10

Conclusion, a good summer beer! And I recommend you get some since, if their hefeweizen is any indication, this beer is strictly a summer affair. So find yourself a six pack, pull up a chair on the patio, and indulge!

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