Russel VCBW Cascadian Brown Ale

Hello all and welcome back! It seems like it’s been a whle since I’ve tried new beer. Well, you can blame my new favorite brewery for that. Yes, Hoyne brewery sells growlers at pretty decent rates, so the wife and I have been simply getting them refilled week after week. Not a bad deal! However, I managed to get out to the beer store earlier this evening and managed to find some news one I haven’t tried yet.

Foremost amongst them was this contribution from Russell Brewing, a collaborative ale that was produced with 30 (yes, 30) other breweries in honor of Vancouver Craft Beer Week. Thanks to some of my peers in the beer tasting industry, I’ve already heard volumes about this awesome affair, so it’s nice to know that some of the beer is making it back this way…

Deep, dark brown!
Nose: Crisp hop notes augmented by a distinct coffee aroma
Taste: Starts bitter with the addition of cascade hops, giving way to notes of coffee and chestnuts
Aftertaste: Lingering hop and coffee bitterness
Overall: 9/10

Cascadia Brown’s certainly appear to be making the rounds these days. First there was Spinnakers , then Granville Island Brewery, and now this one. And I have to say that this is definitely my favorite of the lot! By bringing together characteristics of a Brown Ale with a Northwest Pale Ale, they’ve really struck gold. At once tawny, bitter, rich and malty, it’s definitely in keeping with the best traditions of Vancouver craft brewing. I still can’t believe 30 breweries were able to collaborate on this, but as long as they keep making em, I will keep buying em!

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