Red Racer ESB

Red Racer has been on my hot list lately. In fact, until recently it was one of craft brewing’s best kept secrets as far as I was concerned. Now, I know what just about every fan of micro-brewed beer knows, which is that this Vancouver brewery can output some seriously fine beer.

But before you think I’m fawning, let me assure you that this reputation is well earned. Usually, I like to sample at least three beers from a brewery before giving them a stamp of approval. Because, let’s face it, any brewery that makes a few fine products, but surrounds them in a deluge of watery or skunky beers isn’t worth its keep! However, when you begin to sample from a brewery and you find yourself approving of every beer you’ve had thus far, you got to assume they are doing something right.

Appearance: Deep amber hue, transparent and good head
Nose: Citrusy and dry, reminiscent of cascade hops
Taste: Immediate dry hope taste, giving way to floral notes and nuts
Aftertaste: Lingering bitterness and dry hop taste
Overall: 9/10

And just for an added treat, here is a clip from Red Racer’s own website with Garry Lohin, Red Racer’s brewmaster himself, describing the product. Enjoy!

1 thought on “Red Racer ESB

  1. I grew up in Surrey and was enjoying this pub before I really knew what good beer was. They are now upping their game and it has been fun to keep trying their new beer. Canadian brewery of the year 2012 is not an easy thing to win!

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