Spinnaker’s India Session Pale Ale

Let the Summer Games begin! Hey all, the wife and I just got back from watching the Opening Ceremonies on our friend’s big-screen TV. And on the way home, we stopped by one of our favorite watering holes, Spinnakers Brewpub, for a little off-sale beer shopping. And it just so happens that they had some new arrivals to share…

The first is the India Session Pale Ale, a combination session/India Pale Ale that’s come just in time for the summer season. Combining a session’s drinkability with the long and venerated tradition of IPA’s here in the Pacific Northwest, this combination is one of many lighter ales that Spinnakers has been producing of late. Much like their Tour de Victoria and Discovery Ale, this beer is much lighter than their usual fare, but still manages to deliver flavor that will please the hop enthusiast.

Appearance: Light in color, golden and clear
Nose: Mild hop nose, very clean
Taste: Tangy, clean malts and mild but bitter hop delivery
Aftertaste: Slight, lingering hop bitterness
Overall: 8/10

Overall, this beer is light, refreshing, and highly drinkable, with just enough of a hop bite to avoid being classified as “close to water”. It seems well suited to hot weather and tilted beers on the patio with friends. Cheers, and hope the weekend finds you all well!

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