Old Yale Sergeant’s IPA

Hello all, and welcome to another review, brought to you by the North Island! Ever since my wife and I returned to civilization from the Sunshine Coast Trail, I’ve been taking the time to sample some new beers. This began with the Townsite Brewery’s lineup, and has since gone on to include some previously unsampled beers from the interior.

Today, I was sure to pick up a bottle of Old Yale’s IPA, which I’ve been meaning to try for some time. Based in Chiliwack BC, the Old Yale brewery has been on my radar ever since some fellow BC cervisiophiles* raved about its lineup. Located in Chiliwack BC, this brewery is relatively new, as breweries go, having opened its operations in 2000. Of their beers, the IPA is the most renowned, having won gold three years running (2004-6) in the Canadian Brewing Awards.

As a sessional ale, the Sergeant’s is naturally lighter tasting than your standard, stronger IPA’s, which weigh in at about 6 or 7 % alcohol per volume. At 5.5.%, it is not unlike Townsite’s own IPA, combining a lighter, cleaner malt taste with a heavy dose of hops. In the end, this makes for a flavor that is well balanced, pleasant to behold and to the nose, and both piney and citrusy in profile. This is due, no doubt, to the combination of Crystal Malts, Golding (UK) hops, and Chiliwack’s own pure spring waters. Combined, they make for a pretty clean and refreshing beer.

Appearance: Lovely dark orange-amber, slightly cloudy
Nose: Subtle burst of hops, dry with a touch of caramel
Taste: Clean malt taste and dry hops, slight notes of pine
Aftertaste: Dryness giving way to bitter taste, touch of citrus rind
Overall: 8/10

Not a bad intro! And according to their website, only three more beers to go before I’ve sampled their full regular lineup. I do hope my regular beer suppliers will be forthcoming when I return to Victoria!

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