Freya’s Gold

Good news everybody! The good works of Odin’s Brewery, located in Seattle, Washington, is now available in Canada! Well, at least in my neck of the woods, it is. Less than a year ago, I was sampling their Juniper Ale for the first time and loving it. So imagine my surprise when I found not only it, but their Kolsch-style ale sitting on the shelf at my local liquor store. And according to their website, that’s two thirds of their main lineup covered!

As for the Freya’s Gold, I have plenty to say and just about all of it positive. Unlike most Kolsh’s I’ve tried, this beer delivers a more complex, coarse palate before finishing clean. One immediately gets notes of pine in the flavor coupled with a mild bitterness, which is apparently due to the inclusion of ginger in the recipe. All in all, this beer was more reminiscent of a blonde ale than your average Kolsch. However, this does not detract from the experience, but merely provides for a more interesting time.

Appearance: Straw colored gold, clear and transparent
Nose: Light, slightly coarse with notes of citrus rind
Taste: Immediately bitter, piney with a touch of ginger
Aftertaste: Bitterness giving way to a mild, clean finish
Overall: 8/10

As my second sampling of the Odin brewery’s lineup, this beer did quite well. Now that it’s available at my local watering hole, I plan to update my knowledge on Odin’s Gift, and would like it very much is they can secure a few bottles of the Viking’s Gold too.

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