Phillips Analogue 78 Kolsch

Jeez, there’s just no end to Phillips signature creations these days, is there? Seems like every time I turn around, they have another beer on the shelves. Quite surprising seeing as how they are only eleven years old at this point. One would think relatively upstart breweries would need to stick to a few beers and push them like nobody’s business.

But what do I know about business? I just know what I like, and this beer definitely filled a certain niche. That’d be the spot that can only be filled by a light, refreshing, unassuming ale. That’s the essence behind a true Kolsch, which are by tradition light in color, light in taste, and finish clean and mild. Such a beer is a nice change of pace for people who are used to heavier ales that deliver strong, sweet and/or coarse malts with a hefty dose of bitter, citrusy hops.

Appearance: Pale golden straw color, consistent with a light lager
Nose: Distinctly mild, grainy malty smell reminiscent of German lager
Taste: Light, semi-sweet malts giving way to the slightly crisp taste of Czech hops
Aftertaste: Mild aftertaste, slightly bitter tang and minerals
Overall: 8/10

And if this wasn’t enough for the Phillips operation, they also released a Dunkel to greet the coming of summer. Look for my review, of Phillips other tribute to German brewing, Dr. Funk Dunkel!

2 thoughts on “Phillips Analogue 78 Kolsch

  1. Kolsch is an ale and uses ale yeast. It’s brewed at lower temperatures but not quite as low as lagers. This lower temperature fermentation and aging creates a cleaner flavor akin to a lager, but with more fruity esters than a lager would have.

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