Phillips Raspberry Wheat Ale

Well, I guess it’s over. By that I mean the wonderful season of summer. September is here, soon the kids will be going back to school (and I with them), and the weather’s going to be getting colder. We all know what that means. Fall seasonal beers! And as much as I love them, I still got a backlog of summer beers that need to be evaluated.

One such beer is Phillips Raspberry Wheat, an unapologetic summer ale that combines the smoothness of a wheat with the tart, refreshing kick of seasonal summer fruit. I can remember when this style was something relatively new to North American craft brewing. But every year now, more and more breweries seem to be jumping on the bandwagon. Good thing too, seeing as how fruit infused wheat beers are so time honored and venerated, not to mention a very good way to beat the heat!

But of course, I aint here to talk about history or the many breweries that are now following this trend. That’s something for another post, maybe the next one. Here’s what I thought of this Victorian summer ale:

Appearance: Golden straw hue of Kristallweizen, deep red tint from berry infusion
Nose: Tart, semi-sweet aroma of raspberries
Taste: Comes on with light malts, giving way to crisp raspberry flavor
Aftertaste: Lingering tart flavor of raspberries
Overall: 8.5/10

In the grand scheme, I’d say this beer ranks up there with What the Huck (Fernie Brewing), Currant Noire (Spinnakers), Buckerfields Berry (Swan’s), Longwood Framboise, and Granville Island False Creak Raspberry Wheat. In short, it’s a fitting fruit beer made right here in BC that combines the smooth malty flavor or crystal wheat with a semi-sweet, tart kick. Too bad their season is coming to an end…

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