St. Ambroise Framboise

Don’t you just love beers that have a rhyme in their name? Venturing a little farther to pick tonight’s sampling, I went to the waterfront, where Spinnaker’s own liquor store is located. Always well stocked with a diverse array of beer, wine and liquor, I found a few favorites and some oft-unavailable items. This beer was the first to be added to my haul!

Yes, I reviewed this beer awhile back as part of my appraisal of St. Ambroise seasonals. However, that was before I adopted my current style of evaluation, one which calls for a four-point review. It seems only fair, now that this beer is available and where I can get at it, and once again give it the ol’ college try!

Appearance: Deep red and cloudy
Nose: Strong raspberry nose
Taste: Starts with a supple fruit and slight tartness, mingling with mild hop bitterness
Aftertaste: Clean finish with some lingering tartness
Overall: 9/10
Another winner, McAuslan! When I think of potential reasons for moving to Montreal, being closer to the brewery is definitely at the top of the list! A close second is the ready supply of fresh Montreal smoked meat, bagels and lox spread, which I believe would be well paired with some of your beers.

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