Phillips Dr. Funk Dunkel

As promised, a review of yet another Phillips limited release. Today, it’s Dr. Funk Dunkel, the funky dark Bavarian-style lager that is a testament to both Phillips long standing reputation for good beer and odd names!

According to Phillips website, this beer is being released yet again, so my (un)timely review hardly seems so important anymore! But then again, who wants to read about a beer that is no longer even available?  So naturally, I’ll be looking for it again, and I recommend others do the same. Recurring or not, it’s not a permanent part of Phillips lineup… yet.

Appearance: Quite dark, relatively transparent, slightly cloudy
Nose: Smokey and salty, reminiscent of soy sauce
Taste: Clean start, giving way to a hint of smoke and mild coffee
Aftertaste: Relatively clean finish, lingering touch of smoke
Overall: 8.5/10

Dunkel is fast becoming one of my favorite styles of beer. Something about a dark lager just pleases me, possibly because it reminds me of the tall mugs of beer the wife and I tilted while we were in Germany. Little wonder then why I enjoy pouring several cold bottles of this beer into my stein and saying Prost! Welcome back, Funk!

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