Hoyne’s Voltage Espresso Stout

It’s here! The other limited release that Hoyne and company promised has been released! And as promised, it is an espresso stout, known by its full name Voltage Espresso Stout. And this time around, unlike that little misfire with the Wolf Vine Pale Ale, I arrived in time to get some fresh from the tap! No bottles for me… not until the growler is finished I mean.

And as usual, the beer is pretty fantastic. As I learned from the staff while getting my growlers filled, the espresso which gives Voltage Espresso it’s character comes from the local coffee shop known as Habit. As a Victorian, I can attest that it too is an awesome operation, and it’s good to see independent businesses coming together like this. The Espresso beans are also roasted right up the road from a brewery, and then infused into the beer on site. Talk about a local operation!

Oh, and the name, I imagine, requires some explanation. It goes without saying that the people at Hoyne like to give their beers meaningful monickers. Dark Matter Dark Lager, Devil’s Dream IPA, Summer Haze Hefeweizen, and now this. Apparently, the name is a tribute to the beer’s “polarity”, meaning it’s ranking on the color, hops and malt scales Hoyne employs with all their beers. On the one hand, it is at the far end of the spectrum when it comes color and malts, but at the other end when it comes to hop content. So basically this is a “bipolar” beer, kind of like an electrical current? Interesting…

Appearance: Very deep brown, clear and slightly transparent, mild foam
Nose: Strong notes of coffee and roasted malts
Taste: Slight tang and bitterness giving way to notes of real espresso coffee
Aftertaste: Lingering notes of espresso, mild bitterness
Overall: 9/10

You know, this kind of success rate is beginning to get annoying, Hoyne. If I keep doing reviews like this, people are going to think I’m getting kickbacks or something. Speaking of kickbacks, I wouldn’t be averse to being plied with plenty of free beer. But of course, that willingness might be interpreted as a sign of quality… Quite the conundrum! 😉

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