Comfort Perogies!

Yesterday, my wife and I sat down to a dinner of perogies for the first time in awhile. And they were scrum-diddly-umptious! And it reminded me of my commitment to share ideas for comfort food and the beers that accompany them! So please consider a plate of cheese and potato perogies, paired with a light lager or pilsner as my next recommendation.

Now I’m not one for making perogies from scratch, but I plan to soon enough. In the meantime, a bag of frozen will do. However, if you should happen to have a Polish or Ukrainian grocer in your neighborhood that offers you the hand-made option, get on it! In the meantime, all you have to worry about is garnish preparation. And that’s where things can get creative!

Williams’ not-so-hand-made Perogies:
Of course, its common knowledge that perogies can be prepared any number of ways. Personally, I like my mine well cooked on the outside, but still soft and supple enough to cut with a fork. After some trial and error, I’ve found the boil first, fry second method works best. The boiling ensures that the skin and innards are cooked through, and frying them with the garnish gives them a slightly crispy, smoky, salty flavor.

1 pack perogies
4 strips of bacon

1 yellow or white onion
1 bunch green onions
small amount of butter

Slice bacon strips and add them to the pan, adding chopped onions once enough fat is present to cook them in. Stir well to prevent sticking, add perogies once the onions are soft. Add butter, and then stir regularly to prevent from sticking. Add green onions last and continue to stir. Remove from heat once all perogies are a nice, golden brown, the onions are soft and a little browned themselves and the bacon is nice and crispy. Serve with plenty of sour cream and dill!

As I said earlier, the best pairing for this dish seems to be a nice lager or pilsner. Perogies have a multilayered flavor that ranges from the subtle (cheese, potatoes) to the strong and zesty (onions, dill, sour cream and bacon). As a result, I feel a light beer that will not overwhelm the palate or compete with the flavor would be best. For this, I would highly recommend Hoyne’s Hoyner Pilsner or Creemore’s Premium Lager or Cameron’s Lager.

I say Hoyne’s first because it just happened to be what I was drinking at the time. And it was a per-diddly-erfect accompaniment!

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