Comfort Bangers and Mash!

Thanks to the lingering cold I’ve picked up, and a cold and rainy front that just won’t seem to quit, I’ve been quite inspired to experiment with comfort food lately. Yes, my wife and I have experimented with a few of our favorite recipes of late, and even found the time to tweak a few time-honored traditional ones. The following falls into the latter category, being an international twist on a British favorite. I had a chance to test drive the recipe recently, and believe me when I tell you it came out hearty and delicious, which was quite comforting!

Dutch-Style Bangers and Mash:
Otherwise known as Boerenkoolstamppot, this dish is very similar to the British variant, except that the potatoes are fortified with vegetables. I should take this opportunity to give a shout out to our friend Berdine, the lady who taught us that! To prepare, first get your hands on some appropriately large and tasty sausages. I prefer either Mennonite or Chorizo, but that’s just me. And of course, you could always go authentic and try actual British bangers, but in this case, you may want more than just a few, as they tend to be smaller in size.

4 large red-skinned potatoes
1 onion, sliced
1 clove garlic, chopped
1 bunch chard
2-4 links of sausage (depending on the size)

Place sausages in a pan with sliced onions and add water. Cook until sausages and onions are full cooked and softened, and keep the liquid for jus. Then boil water in a large pot and add diced potatoes. Cook until softened but not ready, then add chopped chard and garlic (Kale will also do in a pinch). Drain, and add butter and sour cream until desired consistency is achieved. Serve on a plate, add sausages on top, and drizzle jus on top.

Beer Pairing:
Due to the relatively mild but hearty nature of this food, I would recommend something strong and sharp to accent the taste. As such, I would recommend a good stiff IPA, of which numerous examples come to mind. However, I feel the need to venture outside my country of birth on this one and award the top pairing spot to Dogfish Head’s own 90 Minute IPA, a beer which Esquire magazine described as being “perhaps the best IPA in America.”

If none are available, the following beers will certainly do: Red Racer IPA, Hoyne Devil’s Dream, or Rogue Yellow Snow. Pour into a tall glass, and trust the hoppy brew to wash down all those spuds and sausage! The floral and citrusy kick ought to go well with the sausage and onion flavored jus as well.

Thank you and happy eating/drinking! Winter’s right around the corner, so expect something appropriate for a winter ale! Stay tuned…

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