Parallel 49 Salty Scot

parallel49_labelsIt wasn’t long ago that Parallel 49 Brewing first came to my attention. And after trying their combo pack, which provides a pretty good sampling of what they do, I came to two tentative conclusions. One, the brewers at Parallel 49 tend to experiment with some pretty interesting combinations. And two, the result is really quite good.

But I was decidedly unprepared for some of their latest releases. First, there was the Bad Sweater Milk Stout, which I have yet to try, and their Salty Scot Scotch Ale, which I just finished drinking for the first time. And true to form, this beer is pretty damn experimental, combining caramel and sea salt with a “Wee Heavy”-style scotch ale. And also true to form, the end result was quite pleasing…

Appearance: Dark amber brown, slightly cloudy and good foam retention
Nose: Distinct caramel nose, sugary and sticky sweet
Taste: Light, sweet malts giving way to notes of salt water toffee, viscous and chewy
Aftertaste: Slight tang, giving way to more toffee and touch of smoke
Overall: 8.5/10

What can I say? As far as Wee Heavies go, this is one oddball of a beer! But its taste, nose, and good mouth feel make it a pleasure to drink. At 7.5 alc/vol, it’s certainly deserving of its basic designation, and the sea salt and caramel are a very nice accompaniment, providing some balance to what would otherwise be a heavy ale.

I am intrigued and kind of frightened to know what they might come out with next. Might I suggest something run of the mill; perhaps a nice, simple pale ale? No fruit, no dairy, and no particular variety of candy? No dice, huh? Ah, do what you like. You’re five for five so far 😉

4 thoughts on “Parallel 49 Salty Scot

  1. Oh yeah, that’s exactly what we need in this market: another simple pale ale. We certainly don’t have enough of those. Or how about a lager? That would be great!

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist the waves of sarcasm that just washed up into my mind when I read that. I know (or hope) you were just joking though.

    I think what these guys are doing is fantastic. They’re pushing the envelope, putting themselves out there with some pretty crazy experimental brews and that’s the TRUE spirit of craft beer. I’d be seriously disappointed if their next beer was as boring as a pale ale, but with their (admittedly short) history that seems pretty unlikely. GO P49! I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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