Parallel 49 Black Christmas C.D.A.

dark_aleWinter Beer season is here! And what better way to start this season of beer reviews off than with a newcomer to the beer scene! Known as Black Christmas CDA, this limited release by Parallel 49 is just in time for Christmas, and boasts a lot very Christmasy characteristics!

And interestingly enough, its probably the most normal, run-of-mill, and conventional beer Parallel 49 has yet produced. Compared to Watermelon Wits, Milk Stouts, Salty Scottish Ales, and Chocolate Pumpkin Porters, a Christmas Ale seems pretty… well, normal! And yet, they did a very good job of it and produced a beer which is highly reminiscent of other great Christmas beer I’ve had, the most noteworthy would be Anchor’s 2011 Christmas Ale.

Appearance: Deep brown, virtually opaque, mild foam retention
Nose: Light scent of molasses, caramelized sugar
Taste: Hint of smoke, mild tang, toffee-like undertones and figgy pudding
Aftertaste: Smooth finish, light but lingering bite of hops
Overall: 9/10

I’ve been craving the winter solstice for some time, largely because of the fine and fantastic beer it brings! Congratulations on being my first winter ale of the season, and for another fine beer in your ongoing lineup!

1 thought on “Parallel 49 Black Christmas C.D.A.

  1. Parallel 49 loves to play with their beer and the descriptions are always more of a guidline. This beer is the most normal but it sure is tasty! I like you love when they put out their next creation!

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