Parallel 49 Lord of the Hops

parallel49And we’re back with another installment in the coming of spring beer lineup, which today comes from Parallel 49. And despite that my last tasting from their brewery didn’t go quite so well (see Vow of Silence Quadruple), I’m always interested to see what they do next. Not only do the 49ers know their craft, they can always be counted on to be experimental and cutting edge!

But of course, they’ve been known to be pretty damn good when it comes to your more basic, straightforward products as well. And this IPA would definitely fall into that latter category. In terms of color, head, scent and taste, it has the aromatic and deliciously hoppy nature India Pale Ales are known for. What appear to be crystal malts provide for a rich, semi-sweet malt flavor. And a hefty dose of what is clearly Cascade and other Pacific Northwest varieties of hops provide for an abundance of citrus fruit and passion fruit that is delightful.

Appearance: Golden-amber, slightly cloudy, mild foam and carbonation
Nose: Very hoppy and floral, distinct tropical notes as well
Taste: Immediate hit of citrus and grassy hops, notes of passion fruit
Aftertaste: Slightly bitter finish, some herbal traces
Overall: 9/10

Good job, Parallel 49. You kind of had me worried with that last showing. I was starting to think you’re were getting into some weird territory there. Lucky for me, you guys seem to know you’re way around that area, and you also seem to know your way back!

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