G. Schneider und Sohn Hopfenweisse

hopfenweisseAnd I’m back, and this time, I brought a beer that is obscure even for my standards! Yes, this would a new product from the venerable Schneider Weisse brewery, an operation renowned for producing one of the greatest beers I have ever tasted! And much to my surprise, it seems they are creating new beers, things that fall outside their time-honored lineup, and even through collaborative efforts with comparatively recent craft brewers.

One such beer is the Hopfenweisse, a beer that was produced through the combined efforts of Schneider Weisse and the Brooklyn Brewery. And I can honestly attest it is one of the more unique varieties of beer I’ve ever tried. Though I felt myself sufficiently primed by Weisen Edel-Weisse, the drinking experience provided by this number was still packed with surprises!

Playing to their strengths, and yet stepping out of their comfort zone just a little, this wheat strong ale is brewed with a combination of wheat and barley malt and is hopped in just such a way to achieve a fruity aroma and aftertaste. On top of that, there are notes of some rather interesting herbs and a sugary quality that is similar to barley wine. Taken together, this leads to a rather weird, interesting, and appealing kind of acquired taste!

Appearance: Golden-yellow, cloudy and opaque, good foam and carbonation
Nose: Wheat malts and yeast, floral and barleywine-like sweetness
Taste: Combination of pine, lavender, yeasty burst, followed by mild sugars
Aftertaste: Slightly bitter finish, clean and notes of barley wine
Overall: 8/10

And interestingly enough, I am indebted to the private chain known as Liqour Plus for this new drinking experience. I certainly noticed it alongside an ample stock of Aventinus, which prompted me to ask how long they had been carrying it. They replied that it has only been with them for a few weeks, thus lending even more credence to my theory that I am responsible for stocking Victoria with Aventinus and other related Schneider Und Sohn products! To the people of Victoria, I say… you’re welcome đŸ˜‰

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