Full Nelson Organic Imperial IPA



And I’m back from another trip to the beer store with some new items to sample! And interestingly enough, amongst my latest score was a few tallboys from a brewery I rarely hear from these days. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, the Nelson Brewery quickly became a local favorite for me shortly after I moved to BC. And between their Paddywhack IPA, After Dark Lager, and Black Heart Stout, I was quite impressed. But since that time, they have kind of fallen off the grid for me.

Part of this seems to be that they don’t appear to do the limited release thing, and little outside of their IPA, dark lager and stout ever gets into my area. So it was a pleasant surprise to find their Organic Imperial IPA sitting at the store, looking all new and interesting. And given that the season of IPA is still on, it seemed like absolutely appropriate selection for my next review.

Appearance: Deep amber, clear, good foam retention and carbonation
Nose: Good dosage of floral, tropical hops
Taste: Immediate burst of passion fruit, rich malts, notes of citrus
Aftertaste: Sweetness giving way to coarse malt flavor, lingering bitterness
Overall: 9/10

In short, not bad at all! In keeping with the best traditions of an Imperial IPA, the Full Nelson boasts strong, rich malts and pairs them with a good, solid dose of hops. However, rather than being particularly overpowering, this hop profile is actually quite balanced. Rather than a big, citrusy bite, it is much more floral and fruity, which was both surprising and appealing. Good job Nelson! I really must find more of your products, and please feel free to do more in the way of limited releases!

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