Keith’s Cascade Hop Ale

hop-series-ales-expandAs a rule, I’m always encouraged when a major brewery decides to show a commitment to craft brewing. These days, most breweries seem to be doing this through the creation of small-batch limited releases. Not only do these show that quality is winning out over quantity, it demonstrates that people are once again looking for new and local beers that offer them an authentic drinking experience. And even the largest operations appear to be noticing the writing on the wall…

So I really wasn’t that surprised when I noticed that Alexander Keith’s was coming out with a new series known as the Hop Series Ales. And during one of our visits to the local pub, I saw the opportunity to try the first beer in the series – known as the Cascade Hop Ale. And considering that I have often used Keith’s as an example of everything that’s wrong in the world of brewing, my expectations were not very high, but were my hopes were. Here’s what I thought…

Appearance: Light amber, clear, good foam and carbonation
Nose: Slight notes of pine and citrus
Taste: Light malts, smooth, quick burst of citrus hops
Aftertaste: Relatively watery finish, mild malt and hop traces
Overall: 7/10

In short, this first item in their Hop Series was not bad. In fact, in the course of drinking it, I generally felt that it was a drinkable and somewhat pleasurable ale to have. However, these feeling were mitigated by my suspicion that what I was tasting was really just regular Keiths with some added hops thrown in. Hence my rating of a flat seven out of ten. Not bad, but not great either. Pretty much what I was expecting to find…

2 thoughts on “Keith’s Cascade Hop Ale

    • Wouldn’t surprise me. Truth is, them scoring a hit with this one would disappoint me more. I like living in a world where the generics suck and the craft brews are awesome. It’s stable and predictable. Once you mess with that, you have total chaos đŸ˜‰

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