Okaganagan Apricot Summer Weizen

okanagan_summerweizenAnother wheat beer from another long-standing BC brewery, and just in time for summer. Truth be told, I haven’t really been paying much attention to Okanagan Spring in recent years. After a few years of living here, and being able to find much of their lineup back in Ontario, I felt I had sampled everything they had to offer. It’s always good to see that the craft brewing bug is getting around!

okanagan_summerweizen1 A fitting wheat, this limited release is apparently the brewery’s tribute to the Okanagan’s “fruitful history”, which I can only assume refers to its vast fruit-cultivating operations. And consistent with what one would expect from a good wheat, it is golden orange in color, appropriately yeasty, highly fruity, and refreshingly smooth. I have yet to divine the exact combination, but in conjunction with the wheat malt and yeast, it boasts a variety of fruit flavors. Along with my parents and darling bride, I managed to get a glass of this after watching them compete in some Dragon Boating down at the Gorge. And it was a pretty good drink to accent a rather hot and sticky day!

Appearance: Golden orange, cloudy, good foam and carbonation
Nose: Multiple fruits, banana, passion fruit, apricot
Taste: Light and clean, mild yeast, traces of orchard/passion fruit
Aftertaste: Lingering yeast, mild fruit, refreshing and clean
Overall: 8.5/10

Overall, not a bad wheat. Granted, McAuslan Breweries did this one already, and made a pretty good go of it, there is nothing wrong with a little imitation. And whereas McAuslan’s St. Amboise Apricot Wheat was a kristalweizen – clear, and light and fruity – this beer is an unfiltered heffeweizen – yeasty, cloudy, smooth and fruity.

Suddenly, I find myself interested in some of their other labels as well now. Apparently, there is a specially series of brewmaster favorites, which includes a specially Hopped Lager and a Brewmaster’s Black lager, both of which sound like they might be pretty enjoyable. We shall see…

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