Old Yale D.O.ALE Brown

oldyale_d.o.aleThis is my second sampling from the Canadian Band Beer Series, a special lineup of beers created by BC brewers in honor of Canadian musicians and bands. The first encounter I had with this CBC sponsored series began with Townsite’s Brewing’s Said the Ale, a Belgian pale ale named in honor of indie rock legends Said the Whale. This time round, it is D.O.ALE, a classic brown ale brewed by Old Yale, named in honor of the punk band D.O.A.

To be honest, the beer was not what I was expecting. Though a very pleasant brown ale, I found it somewhat light for a beer with a name inspired by a punk band whose name stands dead on arrival. If anything, I expected this beer to be stronger, less accessible, and perhaps something in the 7-9% alcohol range. Instead, we get a nice, mild brown ale with hints of nuts and cocoa, a mildly bitter finish which weighs in at 5% alc/vol. Not bad at all, just not what I expected.

Appearance: Dark brown, clear, medium foam retention and carbonation
Nose: Mild, smokey malts, hint of espresso
Taste: Relatively light, roasted malt character, mild traces of cocoa
Aftertaste: Mild bitterness and lingering nutty flavor
Overall: 7.75/10

Not a bad second installment. I shall be trying my third in short order, so stay tuned for that one…

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