Phillips Benefit Brew and King of the Carboy

philips_benefit_carboyWinter is shaping up well for Phillips, the brewery that is famous for its abundant supply of limited releases. And recently, they outdid themselves by unveiling not one, but two limited releases, one being their Benefit Brew for 2013, the other being their King of Carboy release of the year. These are their Little People of BC Blood Orange Wit and the Glen Marhsall American IPA. I bought both yesterday, and was able to premiere my new collection of beer glasses with them!

And both were really quite pleasing, especially when served in an appropriate glass. For the Wit, I broke out the hefeweizen glass, while the American IPA was especially delectable in an English pub-style pint glass. I tell ya, glassware counts for a lot. But I digress…

Little People of B.C. Blood Orange Wit:
As already mentioned, this beer is part of Phillips annual Benefit Brew, where Phillips partners with a local charity group to produce a limited-release beer and donate the proceeds to charity. This year, the charity in question was the Little People of BC – a charitable organization dedicated to promoting awareness here in BC – and the beer they chose to go with was a Belgian-style Wit infused with blood orange. And like a good wit, it is clean, refreshing, has a nice mellow body with good yeasts and carbonation, and the blood orange provides a subtle, but everpresent kick of sweet citrus that lingers in the aftertaste. After a few sips, I was honestly reminded of Orange Crush, but with the delightful kick of Belgian yeast and alcohol!

Appearance: Golden orange, cloudy, good foam retention and carbonation
Nose: Strong notes of orange, Belgian yeast and wheat malt
Taste: Smooth wheat malts, discernible yeast and citrusy, orange flavor
Aftertaste: Clean finish with lingering orange and yeast
Overall: 8.5/10

Glen Marshall American IPA:
This beer, as the name would suggest, was crafted by Glen Marshall, an amateur brewer who’s handcrafted brew won in the IPA category at this year’s CAMRA Victoria Amateur Brewing Competition, and was therefore chosen by Phillips to be this year’s the King of the Carboy. And I personally can attest to its quality, being a complex and highly hoppy India Pale Ale with a deliciously semi-sweet and strong malt base. In a lot of ways, I was reminded of Parallel 49’s own Snap, Crackle and Hop, another IPA that boasted some seriously sweet, savory and herbal hop flavor. Not bad for a basement brewer. May his craft find purchase in the form of a brewery!

Appearance: Light amber, clear, good foam retention and carbonation
Nose: Pale malt, mixed hops nose, citrus, grass and pine notes
Taste: Slightly sweet malt and strong hops, piney, resiny, herbal and citrusy
Aftertaste: Lingering bitterness and citrus, mild malt coarseness 
Overall: 9/10

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