Wold Top Scarborough Fair IPA

Scarborough_Body_LabelBrewer: Wold Top Brewery, Driffield, Northern England
Style: India Pale Ale/Real Ale
Alcohol/Volume: 6%

Description: Named in honor of the fair that originated in Scarborough, Yorkshire during the High Middle Ages, this beer commemorates India Pale Ales, which for centuries have been brewed in the various “Wolds” of England and exported to the world. In the tradition of “real ale”, it has little carbonation and produces little foam. And in a modern twist, it is fashioned with Maize and Barley that is extremely low in gluten (less than 20 ppm), which makes it certifiably gluten-free.

Tasting Notes: This beer is admittedly a bit odd in terms of taste. But the seasoned beer drinker, especially someone familiar with real ales and cask conditioned beer, will not be a total stranger to it. In addition to having low carbonation and little head, it has a rather subdued hop flavor, at least when compared to your average North American IPA. In many ways, it reminded me of a cross between Grozet and an ESB, the hops coming off as dry and the malt flavor tasting rather pronounced and slightly sweet.

Appearance: Light golden, slightly cloudy, mild foam retention and low carbonation
Nose: Strong hops, slightly sweet nose, fruity, syrupy malts, minerals
Taste: Dry hop flavor, tang, minerals, slight sweetness, cola-like
Aftertaste: Mild, lingering hop bitterness, otherwise clean and watery
Overall: 7/10

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