Swan’s Seven Swans a Swimming Tis the Saison

swans-seven1Brewer: Swan’s Brewery
Style: Belgian Saison
Alc/vol: 7%

Description: Seven Swans a Swimming is brewed in limited quantities in honor of the holiday season every year. The Belgian-style Saison ale is made in the farmhouse tradition, using barley, water, Belgian yeast strains, spices, and an infusion of raisins.

Tasting Notes: The beer is consistent with some of the best Saisons I’ve had in recent years. Like a good Saison, it is  distinctly yeasty, subtle in terms of malt flavor, and has a some discernible coriander spice and sweetness to it. The added raisins certainly helps in this latter regard, providing a slight sugary hint that is a little reminiscent of barley wine. Definitely reminded me of the holiday season.

Appearance: Golden orange, cloudy, good foam retention and carbonation
Nose: Yeasty, subtle malt, hint of coriander spice
Taste: Immediate burst of yeast, slight sugary sweetness, coriander spice
Aftertaste: Mildly bitter, lingering spice and yeast flavor
Overall: 9/10

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