Alameda Yellow Wolf Imperial IPA

alameda_ipaBrewer: Alameda Brewing, Portland, OR
Style: Imperial India Pale Ale
Alc/Vol: 8.2%
IBU: 103

Description: Since 1996, the Alameda Brewery has been producing a wide variety of craft beers in Northeast Portland. Their Golden Wolf Imperial IPA is hoppier and stronger than anything in either their regular lineup or their limited-release and seasonal releases. As one of their “House Beers”, it is available year-round.

Tasting Notes: This brew was a little different from what I’ve come to expect from Imperial IPAs. At 103 IBUs, it was certainly as bitter as I expected it to be, but the malt profile was decidedly light in terms of color and flavor. With a name like “Imperial”, one would expect the usual combination of sweet and coarse malts to be twice as potent. Still, this brew was strong and appetizing and did not slouch in the flavor department!

Appearance: Light golden/orange, cloudy, good foam retention and carbonation
Nose: Passion fruit and citrus notes, grassy, piney hops
Taste: Subtle malts, dry hop flavor, passion fruit and bitter citrus
Aftertaste: Lingering bitterness and grapefruit rind
Overall: 8/10

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