Vanderghinste Oud Bruin

Vanderghinste_Oud_BruinBrewer: Bockor Brewery, Belgium
Style: Flanders Brown
Alc/Vol: 5.5%

Description: Established in 1892 in the village of Bellegem in the West Flanders region of Belgium, the Bockor Brewery has a long history of small batch brewing according to traditional recipes. Their Oud Bruin (Flemish for “Old Brown”) is the result of blending a wheat and barley ale with a lambic beer aged in oak for 18 months, resulting in this specific style of West Flanders Brown beer.

Tasting Notes: Admittedly, this Bruin was both consistent and different with what I’ve come to expect from a Flanders Brown. In addition to boasting some serious tartness and acidity, it also had a sweet and sour quality that put me in mind of apple-cider vinegar. And of course, there was the noticeable yeasts, which gave it an effervescent quality, also reminiscent of cider. But of course, this little village’s take on the Bruin is certainly different from what I’m used to, so some divergence is to be expected.

Appearance: Dark brown, clear, good foam retention and carbonation
Nose: Roasted malt, lactic acid, hints of balsamic apple-cider vinegar
Taste: Cider-like sweetness and effervescence, giving way to sour and acidic notes
Aftertaste: Lingering apple-cider vinegar and lactic acid
Overall: 8/10

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