Grimbergen La Double Ambree Brouwerij Aiken-Maes, Aiken, Belgium
Amber Ale

Description: An Abbey-style Amber ale, this beer is made form a combination of malts (what I assume are Caramel, Pale and Amber) that lend it a sweet, syrupy and viscous flavor. It is then double fermented for added strength and bottle conditioned for a highly smooth flavor.

Tasting Notes: I first learned of Grimbergen when in Paris, and enjoyed their Blonde Ale quite a bit. So I pleasantly surprised to learn that not only did they stock this brewery’s products here in BC, but that they also had more of their regular lineup. The double ambree is a good example of an Abbey-style amber, boasted smooth, sweet caramel malts, a yeasty backbone and subtle hops flavor. It then rounds all this out with a chewy mouth feel.

Appearance: Dark red/brown, clear, good foam retention and carbonation
Nose: Roasted malt, sugar, yeast, molasses
Taste: Smooth, syrupy malt, light tang, hint of caramel, yeast, mild hop bitterness
Aftertaste: lingering syrupy malt flavor, caramel, yeast
Overall: 8/10

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