La Trappe Quadrupel Trappist Ale

LaTrappe_quadrupleBrewer: La Trappe Brewery, Berkel-Enschot, NL
Style: Quadruple Trappist Ale
Alc/Vol: 10%

Description: The strongest and heaviest of La Trappe’s lineup, this unfiltered, bottle fermented ale is brewed in the age-old style crafted by Trappist monks to achieve a dark, malty profile that contains dark fruit and sugary notes that conceals a rather hefty alcoholic punch (10% alc/vol). Though brewed in The Netherlands, it is very much in keeping with the proud tradition of Belgian ales.

Tasting Notes: I’ve been looking to test out La Trappe’s Quadrupel for some time now, as I can recall sampling it back in my Ottawa days alongside their Tripel. And having reacquainted myself with said Tripel not long ago, I wanted to get my hands on a bottle of this so I could finally give it a proper review. Suffice it to say, it is very consistent with their other brews and with the style of ale itself. Like a good Trappist beer, it had the yeasty, effervescent quality that comes from bottle fermenting and conditioning. And true to a Quadrupel’s taste, it packed all the flavors of raisins and dates with brown sugar and molasses. And of course, a mild hopping and Belgian ale yeast provides a nice tang and bitterness to accompany it all, and finishes with a gentle nutty flavor to round it all out. Definitely well paired with sharp cheeses and red meat dishes!

Appearance: Amber/brown, cloudy, sediment, good foam retention and carbonation
Nose: Rich malt, dark fruits, sugars, molasses, Belgian yeast
Taste: Smooth malt, mild tang, raisins, dates, yeast, brown sugar, mild herbal hops
Aftertaste: Lingering sugars, dark fruits and sugars, yeasts and nutty flavor
Overall: 9/10

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