Lighthouse Seaport Vanilla Stout

Lighthouse_SeaportBrewer: Lighthouse Brewery, Victoria BC
Style: Vanilla Stout
ABV: 5.5%

Description: This latest release is part of the brewery’s Explorer Series. It begins with dark roasted malts, and finishes with the infusion of Madagascar vanilla beans. This beer is also part of their Bounty series – alongside the Tasman Ale and Shipwreck IPA – as part of the breweries new look and structure.

Tasting Notes: The addition of vanilla to this West Coast-style stout creates a well-balanced and smooth drinking experience. With the addition of chocolate and coffee notes, it wasn’t dissimilar to a Mochachino, or a Milk Stout with a hint of cocoa. And it certainly was an interesting departure for the Lighthouse Brewery, a fan of big flavor that usually involves hops!

Appearance: Tar black, opaque, good foam retention and carbonation
Nose: Deep roasted malts, espresso, chocolate and vanilla
Taste: Smooth malt, creamy, strong hint of vanilla, chocolate, hint of coffee
Aftertaste: Lingering vanilla flavor and smooth malt flavor
Overall: 8/10

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