Lagunitas The Hairy Eyeball Ale

lagunitas_hairy-eyeballBrewery: Lagunitas Brewing, Petaluma, CA
Style: Dark Ale
ABV: 9.4%
IBUs: 56.66

Description: A limited release that is available for the Fall season, this strong dark ale is named and brewed in honor of hangover cures! Employing rich, dark malts with a good dose of hops, this beer is intended to be the “hair of the dog” that beats the hair eyeballs.

Tasting Notes: I was strongly reminded of a bock beer with this one, a style that I love. The strong malt, dark color, notes of molasses, minerals and herbal notes were all consistent with a bock’s flavor. Having not been hungover when I drank it, I cannot attest to its hangover-arresting qualities. It is however a great accompaniment to food or just casual drinking!

Appearance: Deep brown/amber, clear, good foam retention and carbonation
Nose: Dark malt, notes of molasses, chocolate, espresso, and minerals
Taste: Roasted malt, brown sugar and molasses, good tang, strong herbal notes
Aftertaste: Lingering tang, roasted malt flavor and bitterness
Overall: 9/10

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