Swans Legacy Ale Barley Wine (2014)

swans_legacyBrewer: Swans Brewery, Victoria BC
Style: Barley Wine
ABV: 10.3%
IBUs: unlisted

Description: An annual release that comes out every year on Swans anniversary, this barely wine is brewed in honor of Michael Williams – heritage conservationist and philanthropist who’s estate includes the Swans Hotel.

Tasting Notes: This beer has gone down in my personal drinking history as one of my personal top 10 favorites. The reason is simple: I have a weakness for barley wine that is done right, and which reminds me of my favorite beer of all time. While my tastes may have matured, a strong, dark, sugary beer with rich malts, a fair dosing of hops, and plenty of fruity flavor is still sure to warm my bones and make me smile!

Appearance: Deep ruby, clear, mild foam retention and carbonation
Nose: Rich malt, coarse, notes of demerara sugar, pineapple, alcohol
Taste: Strong malt, coarseness, brown sugar, raisins, figgy pudding and alcohol
Aftertaste: Lingering coarse malt, hop and alcoholic bitterness
Overall: 9/10

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