P49 Sour White Ale

P49_sourwhiteBrewer: Parallel 49 Brewing, Vancouver, BC
Style: White Ale
ABV: 7.5%
IBUs: 6

Description: Yet another interesting, experimental P49 brew, this one is part of their barrel-aged series. A wheat ale base is aged in French Chardonnay barrels for over a yea in order to create a sour white ale that boasts the flavors of a sour ale and an oaky, tart Chardonnay.

Tasting Notes: Again, this was an interesting experimentation by the good folks at P49. I have to admit, aging a sour ale in Chardonnay barrels was a good way to achieve symmetry with flavor profiles. However, it was still a bit on the light and the tart side of things for me. If I’m going sour, I want some serious fruity esters and a strong malt profile to back it up!

Appearance: Golden, clear, good foam retention and carbonation
Nose: Mild malt, mild brettanomyces yeast, white wine, mild oak
Taste: Smooth wheat malt, sour cherry, yeast, tart white wine, mild oak
Aftertaste: Lingering sour yeast and white wine flavor
Overall: 7.5/10


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