Red Arrow Piggy Pale Ale

redarrow_piggyBrewer: Red Arrow Brewing, Duncan, BC
Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 5%
IBUs: 37

Description: This latest regular release by Red Arrow Brewing was released in collaboration with the Cowichan Bay Rugby Football Team, and named in their honor. A pale ale, this brew consisting of a pale malt base with a medium dosing of West Coast Hops to create a highly drinkable pale ale.

Tasting Notes: I’m quite proud that this operation, which exists just up island from me, has been expanding so nicely. While I’ve generally felt that their beers are a bit on the light side, I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve had from them so far. And this beer is certainly no exception. As pale ales go, its very drinkable, very quaffable, and meets all the must-haves of a good West Coast pale. This includes a good malt base accentuated by piney, citrusy and bitter hops, and a nice clean finish.

Appearance: Golden/amber, clear, good foam retention and carbonation,
Nose: Pale malt, citrus, hints of dry herbs, pine
Taste: Crisp malt, piney hops, notes of citrus, hint of malt sweetness
Aftertaste: Lingering but mild citrus, pale malt, quite clean

Overall: 7.8/10

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