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Hello beer enthusiasts and those who wandered in here by accident! All me to introduce myself, I am Matt Williams, beer snob since 1997 and still going strong! My passions include beer, beer-food pairing, spirits, history (of beer), and some other things completely unrelated to beer (but still good). Not only have I been committed to beer and learning all I can about the history of its craft, I’ve also enjoyed sharing the knowledge I have accrued and the passion I have for it whenever and wherever possible. I also don’t mind giving a shout out to my favorite establishments, especially the ones that combine good food and good drink. And if they brew it themselves, then so much the better! Hope you enjoy what I have to share, and maybe even take something away from it as well.

48 thoughts on “About Me

    • Why thank you, and I look forward to swapping reviews and ideas with you regarding pacific northwest beers. I want to write a book about Cascadia beers, meaning all beers in the BC-Washington-Oregon-Northern California region.

  1. Good day Matt,

    My Name is Izan. I am a HUGE fan of Belgian Beer. I have had the privilege of trying many different Belgian Beers and American Belgian-Style Beers.

    I have a trip coming up to Montreal and would like some info regarding the best bars near the Montreal Central Hostel to consume the Canadian/Quebec Style Belgian Style Beers and which breweries are good considerations.

    Let me know if you have additional information.


    • Well, there’s the Dieu de Ciel brewpub at 29 Laurier West, which brews all their beer Belgian-style. And then there’s Benelux at 245 West Sherbrooke which has the same deal – many taps, just about all them Belgian style. Then there’s St. Bock brasserie artisanale, at 1749 St-Denis Rd, and La Succursale, 3188 Masson Rd., both of which do a mixed British, Continental and American lineup of beers.

      And I’d be on the lookout for specific taps – such as Unibroue and Brassers De Temps, which should be available just about anywhere around town. Enjoy and thanks for asking!

  2. Just found your site. Fantastic! My favorites (this week):
    Lagunitas IPA
    Deschutes Inversion IPA
    Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA
    Muskoka Mad Tom/Twice As Mad Tom

    I love your view on Keiths – possibly one of the worst beers in Canada (besides Coors Light and Canadian) and not even an IPA! Beer should taste like something.

  3. I’d like to invite you to participate in a new challenge that I am hosting at thewanderinggourmand.com to bring together the beer, wine, and food blogging worlds. As you may know, each month I host a Beer Versus Wine Pairing Challenge inviting readers to suggestion their perfect pairing with a monthly dish. I decided to make the challenge even more engaging by turning the challenge into a contest with bragging rights. Each month a dish will be presented. Bloggers have a week to post their perfect pairing and why in the comments section. The following week, I will summarize the comments in a post for a vote. The winner not only earns bragging rights but also the honor of coming up with the following month’s dish.

    Right now the contest will be hosted at thewanderinggourmand.com. Future plans involve a breakout sight and a badge to post back on your blog. I welcome you to join the challenge as it begins today with Beer Battered Fish (http://thewanderinggourmand.com/2014/02/26/beer-battered-fish-pairing/).


  4. hey, matt.

    another ex-ottawan here now on the west coast. used to love Hart beers – we usually drank the amber. it was SO much better than the other crap. (yes, Alexander Keith’s is crap!). next time you are in oregon, check out Boneyard Brewing from Bend. their RPM IPA is to die for. and if you get a chance to try Pliny the Elder from Russian River you’ve gone to heaven. unfortunately RR doesn’t distribute to Washington anymore.

    peter in olympia

  5. Hey Matt are you still giving a beer appreciation course? Just wondering for a couple of friends and myself. We are in Victoria and are very preoccupied with anything beer…..oh yeah and we like to drink it too. I also grew up in Ontario and my family is still in Ottawa. I am always defending eastern beer from Muskoka, Beau’s and many others. Help!
    Beer regards, Danielle.

    • Well, those tend to be informal gatherings done with friends. And I’ve only really done them on two occasions. I’d have to know more about your visit if I were to do one with people I don’t know.

  6. Sorry I wasn’t clear. I live in Victoria now and thought that u gave the odd beer tutorial and tasting…….my bad. Anyway, really enjoy your insight on beer.
    Thanks Danielle

    • It can be arranged, but like I said, its a challenge. Let me keep this in mind, and perhaps we can arrange something. A sort of BYOB with specific kinds selected for tasting. I’d be bringing the Gruit πŸ˜‰

      • Sounds great. I am going away on holiday in the next two weeks. Perhaps we can arrange something in late September or early October? No pressure…..I am just surprised by your willingness to meet us.
        By the way, any suggestions for breweries or brewpubs I should check out in Calgary, Denver, Boulder or other places in Colorado. I will definitely be trying New Belgium, but unfortunately I will not make it to Fort Collins where the brewery is…..Boohoo!
        Thanks again.

  7. Hi Matt,

    We love your work and want to send you a new beer to try from Sleeman. If you’re interested, send me your address and I will have it sent asap.


  8. Hi Matt!

    We at Steamworks Brewing Co. love reading your blog articles and want to send you a soon to be launched Summer Seasonal. If you’re interested, send me your address and I will have it sent asap.


  9. Hi Matt, we’d love to let you know about a new beer release in Quebec next week! Can you please send me your email address? Thanks!

  10. Hi Matt!!! Noticed you were a fan of Hart Brewery and wanted to give you the heads up that we (Ashton Brewing Company) had Hart as a mentor and “recycle” a handful of their recipes. Our Amber, Cream, IPA, Harvest Brown, Session & Pumpkin Ale all derive from Hart! Hope you get the chance to try some out!

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