Phillips Electric Unicorn

The other day, I made a promise that I would be reviewing Phillips Dr. Funk. Yeah, its seems I lied. Turns out Phillips has released yet another specialty brew. Known as Electric Unicorn, this beer is a Belgian IPA, merging the disparate styles of Witbier with an India Pale Ale. This might sound the slightest bit familiar, seeing as how Vancouver Island Brewing released something very similar in there White Tanker White IPA. Guess the style is catching on…

In any case, when it comes right down to it, these two beers were actually quite different. In merging a Belgian-style wheat beer with a generous dose of Northwestern hops, the Belgian wheat clearly came out on top. Though a hop presence was discernible, the smooth wheat malts and notes of fruit and spices were the most noticeable elements.

Appearance: Deep yellow, cloudy and translucent, mild head
Nose: Clove spice, slight traces of citrusy hops
Taste: Smooth wheat malt taste, mild touch of cloves
Aftertaste: Slight bitterness, mild herbal flavors and hint of pine
Overall: 7.5/10

Smooth and enjoyable, I was kind of left wondering what the point of this merger was. In the end, it was far more of a wheat than an IPA, to the point where the IPA characteristics were barely noticeable. Still, a good beer and I hope it does well on its short run. Phillips loves these temporary releases, I hear! Speaking of which, expect my review of Phillips Dr. Funk and The 11th Hour very soon!