Dageraad Anno 2014

Dageraad_Anno2014Brewery: Dageraad Brewery, Burnaby, BC
Style: Blonde Ale
ABV: 8.3%

Description: Brewed in time for the holiday season, Anno 2014 is a strong Belgian-style blonde ale infused with Indian coriander spice and pears harvested from Sanderson Farm in Keremeos, BC. It is then refermented in the bottle for extra strength and effervescence.

Tasting Notes: I’ve been impressed with what the Dageraad Brewery has produced thus far, and this beer was certainly consistent with my expectations. It has a good malt base, is delightfully effervescent, has a sharp notes of spice and yeast flavor, and the mild notes of sweet pear help rounds things out quite nicely.

Appearance: Golden/orange, cloudy, good foam retention and carbonation
Nose: Rich malt, sugars, pear, yeast
Taste: Sharp malt, tang, yeasty effervescence, hint of sweetness, pear, coriander finish
Aftertaste: Lingering malt bitterness, yeast, fruit and spice
Overall: 8.5/10

Dageraad Blonde

https://i0.wp.com/dageraadbrewing.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Dageraad-blonde_tmp.jpgBrewer: Dageraad Brewery, Burnaby, BC
Style: Blonde Ale
Alc/Vol: 7.5%

Description: Dageraad’s flagship brew, this beer was inspired by Belgian’s proud tradition of strong Blondes. Combining Pilsner malt, noble hops, candi sugar and a proprietary blend of spices, this beer attempts to recreate the variety offered by blondes, embracing flavors that range from the sweet and dry to the spicy, fruity and floral.

Tasting Notes: This blonde combines several notable flavors, ranging from the nutty and bitter quality that comes from Pilsner malt and Belgian yeast and the floral and crisp bite of Noble hops. Add to that the infusion of sweetness and complexity afforded it by the addition of sugar and spices, and you’ve got a pretty interesting take on this traditional Belgian style.

Appearance: Dark gold, cloudy, good foam retention and carbonation
Nose: Smooth malt, yeast, fruity, floral hops, spices
Taste: Smooth nutty malt, yeast, hint of sugar, orange citrus, crisp hops
Aftertaste: Lingering hops, yeast and spice bitterness
Overall: 9/10

Dageraad Amber

https://i0.wp.com/dageraadbrewing.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Dageraad-amber_tmp.jpgBrewer: Dageraad Brewing, Burnaby, BC
Style: Belgian-style Pale Ale
Alc/Vol: 6%

Description: The second beer to be produced by this new BC brewery, this unfiltered Amber carries on in the tradition of Belgian-style pale ales, which were invented for the Liége exposition of 1905 to compete with British imports. Much like the name of the brewery itself, this beer was inspired by the experience of enjoying a fresh glass of beer in the Dageraadplatz.

Tasting Notes: A good introduction to this brewery, and a faithful example of a Belgian amber, this beer packs a solid, grainy malt base, a strong yeast backbone, and a nice, lingering spicey finish that is reminiscent of coriander.

Appearance: Orange/amber, slightly cloudy, good foam retention and carbonation
Nose: Strong yeasts, discernible grainy malt, coriander spice
Taste: Smooth malt, strong yeast flavor, notes of coriander and bitter hop finish
Aftertaste: Lingering malt and yeast bitterness, spices
Overall: 8.5/10