Granville Island Saison

Not too long ago, I made a point of mentioning the fact that Granville Island had jumped on the limited release train, as a means of getting back to their craft brewing roots. And yet, I feel like I haven’t properly acknowledged this wonderful trend, by trying everything they’ve put out.

Not exactly a short order, but I have been keeping my eyes open just as soon as I came to realize that this was a recurring thing. And this is what popped: their Saison, a Belgian-style farmhouse that marked the late summer season. And as it is currently going out of style, I thought I’d better scoop one up before moving on to their pumpkin ale (which I’m overdue to try!).

In short, I was impressed. I’ve come to expect a high degree of quality from Granville Island with their seasonal and limited releases, but this beer genuinely reminded me of one of my all-time favorites. Much like Chimay Red, it possesses a flavor that is both peppery and reminiscent of oak, something undeniably Belgian in character.

Appearance: Yellow-orange hue, cloudy and high foam
Nose: Spicey, hints of orange and coriander
Taste: Distinctly Belgian flavor, notes of oak and pepper
Aftertaste: Smooth finish, slight bitterness and peppery, but well rounded
Overall: 9/10

Not bad, Granville! After expressing some disdain over the fate of your regular lineup, you have effectively rekindled my interest with your craft beers. And given that there are currently 11 beers in their inventory of limited releases, I have some thirsty work ahead of me!