Steamworks Pumpkin Ale

And we’re back with another Pumpkin Ale, which i have to admit, I was somewhat surprised to find. As far as I could tell, I still hadn’t scratched the surface on all the pumpkin beer that I already knew about. But apparently, there are some I never knew of. Case in point, Steamworks Pumpkin Ale, fresh from the brewery located in scenic Gastown in Downtown Vancouver.

Unlike most I’ve tried at this point, Steamwork’s has produced an ale that is brown in variety, as opposed to a Pale Ale which is far more common. In terms of color, the malts, and the toasty, tawny flavor, this beer is the perfect merger of a dark ale with pumpkin spice and zest. A true, all around fall ale, and perfect for my ongoing seasonal review series!

Appearance: Dark brownish-red, transparent, and low foam
Nose: Mixed array of spices, clove and nutmeg the most apparent, pumpkin malts
Taste: Immediate burst of cloves and spice, giving way to tawny malts reminiscent of brown ale
Aftertaste: Lingering taste of spices, cinnamon and nutmeg, mild bitterness
Overall: 9.5/10

And on a coincidental note, I will be in Vancouver this weekend for a football game. Go Lions! And I hope to get into the Steamworks for a little sampling, eats, and hopefully a nice chat with the brewery staff. They do good work, and I intend to tell them so!

Steamworks Signature Pale Ale

Welcome back! Tonight, while I’m on the subject, I’d like to review my second purchase from the Spinnakers Liquor store! Seeing as how I don’t do much liquor shopping down at the waterfront, I was sure to pick up the things that I wasn’t like to find locally. With that in mind, my second selection was a six pack of Steamworks Pale Ale.

Having been to the base of operations many times, I can attest to the quality of their product. Located in Gastown, in the heart of Vancouver overlooking Coal Harbor, this brewpub has been in operation since 1995. However, my own experience with it goes back to 2006, when I first moved to the West Coast and began looking for a watering hole when visiting the mainland. One visit coincided with the 2010 Winter Olympics. Man, was it packed! In any case, here’s what I had to say about their “Signature” product.

Appearance: Pale orange/light golden amber
Nose: Very mild floral aroma
Taste: Coarse malts giving way to a bitter, citrusy hop kick
Aftertaste: Citrus rind, lingering bitterness
Overall: 7.5/10

Overall, I was somewhat surprised by this product. On the one hand, it had a malt characteristic that was consistent with a Northwest Pale Ale and a hop bite that is in tune with Cascade and Zythos (a special IPA variety) hops. However, I was surprised to note how mild the hop aroma is. With a nose like that,coupled with it’s mild color, one would expect it to not have much flavor. And yet, flavor is where it delivers the most. Interesting combo, worthy ale, worth trying!