Spinnakers Hoptoria IPA

Congratulations Victoria on your 150th birthday and everything you do for the fine art of craft brewing. That appears to be what this new release from Spinnakers is all about, also known as Hoptoria India Pale Ale. And just in case the name wasn’t indication enough, this beer is a tribute to its hometown and even features a picture of the BC Legislature on its label, known to locals as the Ledge.

Brewed with a combination of local and international malts, an array of Northwestern hop varieties, and then dry-hopped for added flavor, this beer is a fitting example of a Pacific Northwestern (aka.Cascadian)  India Pale Ale. Combining hop strength, strong malts and a good alcohol content (6.8 alc/vol), it’s an all around great IPA that’s arrived on my doorstep just in time for summer!

Appearance: Light amber gold, slightly translucent and good head
Nose: Bitter hops, notes of citrus, sweet malts similar to barley wine
Taste: Comes on with slightly coarse and sweet malts punctuated by bitter-sweet hops
Aftertaste: Lingeringly bitter, giving way to a strong note of grapefruit rind
Overall: 8.5/10

It warms my heart when craft brewing is honored, but when my hometown is honored for its history and contribution to craft brewing, well that just heats my heart to a near-incendiary degree! And it doesn’t help that the very thing conveying those honors is a strong ale, as such beers have only been known to intensify the nostalgia factor for me 😉 Congratulations Spinnakers and here’s to ya, Victoria! Keep on brewing!